Benefits of Taking Driver’s Education During the Covid-19 Pandemic

  • 03 June 2023

There are many rites of passage that we go through during our lives from our first steps to starting kindergarten and eventually getting our driver’s license. Unfortunately, like many of these other milestones for children around the world and of course in California, COVID-19 has made getting a driver’s license much more difficult.

Although stay-at-home orders have made steps for this rite of passage more difficult, they are not necessarily impossible. One such step is the driver’s education classes that many teens take before they obtain a driver’s license. With social distancing in place and schools shut down the reality is that driver’s education simply cannot be done as it has traditionally been done in the past.

However, online teaching platforms make it possible for driver’s education to continue much like school continued over the last few months before summer began. Students and parents are finding that there actually quite a few benefits to completing CA driver’s ed online rather than a traditional platform.


Many of the available offerings for online CA driver’s ed courses are available in an on-demand type platform. This means that the student could take the class virtually anywhere at and at any time during the day. If your child focuses better late at night, then you will not have to worry about early morning distractions.

Similarly, driver’s education courses that are taught in real-time can be chosen to fit your schedule. There are plenty of options to make sure that you student driver can choose a time that fits them.

Keeps Teen Minds Active

Parents and teachers alike can agree that teenagers get into far more trouble when they are not actively working on something. With driver’s education courses, quizzes, and tests on their daily to-do list, you will be able to make sure that your teen driver is focused on the right things while they are at home. This will also make them feel a little bit of a sense of normal by continuing education.

Pace Themselves

Most of the on-demand driver’s education courses that are available for students allow students to pace themselves. If they did not get the material the first time, then they can go back and review or re- take quizzes.

Targeted Learning/Control Learning Environment

Using an online course for a driver’s education course is beneficial for the student because they can control their own learning environment. Further, parents can be as involved as they would like which in some cases might help students who would otherwise struggle to focus or would not try their best.

For students with learning disabilities or even just a difficulty concentrating, the ability to create a positive learning environment inside the comfort of their home will be beneficial. Not only are they able to easily access comforts, but they can minimize distractions from other students, announcements, and every other distraction that classroom learning can cause.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Although these classes are held online, the integrity of the courses usually remains in tact. Most services offer courses taught by certified teachers who would be teaching driver’s education in the classroom regularly.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to stress about the different ways that COVID-19 has changed our routines, but it is far easier on the mind to focus on the positive things. In this situation, COVID-19 may have actually made it easier to make it through driver’s education. After all, you can complete the course on your own time, in the comfort of your home, and you have the luxury of reviewing material when needed. There is really no excuse for not doing well.

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